Case Study:

Improving Loan Approval Rates and Maximizing Margins with SelectFI's Lender Selector®

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Chris Martinez

Chris Martinez

Three Tulsa, OK Auto Dealerships
450+ vehicles per month


Efficiently identify the right lender for customer loan approval while maximizing profit margins.


Implementing SelectFi's Lender Selector software


Reduced approval time to 20 seconds, secured a 120% advance for the customer, generated a $6,000 back end profit, and optimized lender selection for sustained profitability.

Chris Martinez’s Challenge: Identifying the Best Lender for Each Customer


The client, a well-established auto dealership, faced a common challenge in the automotive industry: efficiently securing loans for customers while ensuring optimal profit margins. The traditional approach involved submitting loan applications to multiple lenders, a process that was time-consuming and often resulted in suboptimal loan terms due to the lack of lender-specific insights.

The Challenge

The client needed a solution that could quickly identify the best lender for each customer's financial profile, improving the chances of approval while maximizing the dealership's back end profit. This process needed to be streamlined and accurate, eliminating the need to shotgun loan applications to multiple lenders.

The Solution

The dealership decided to implement SelectFi's Lender Selector Tool, a cutting-edge software solution designed to match customer profiles with the most suitable lenders for their specific financial situations. The tool utilized advanced algorithms and data analysis to provide personalized lender recommendations.


  1. Data Integration: The dealership integrated its customer data, loan application history, and lender profiles into the SelectFi platform. This allowed the tool to learn from historical data and make informed lender recommendations.
  2. Customer Profiling: SelectFi's tool collected and analyzed various customer data points, including credit scores, income, employment history, and more. It also considered the desired loan amount and terms.
  3. Lender Matching Algorithm: The platform's proprietary algorithm compared customer profiles against the lender database. It evaluated the lender's approval criteria, loan terms, and the likelihood of approval based on historical data.
  4. Real-Time Recommendations: Within a matter of seconds, the Lender Selector Tool presented the dealership with a list of lenders ranked by suitability for the specific customer's profile.

Results and Conclusion
Reduced Approval Times, Increased Approval Rates, Better Profit Margins


The implementation of SelectFi's Lender Selector Tool led to remarkable outcomes:

  1. Reduced Approval Time: The dealership could identify the right lender within 20 seconds, significantly reducing the time spent on loan application submissions and approval processes.
  2. Optimized Loan Terms: By precisely matching customers with the most suitable lenders, the dealership could secure more favorable loan terms, increasing the chances of approval.
  3. Maximized Profit Margins: The tool's ability to pinpoint lenders offering favorable back end terms allowed the dealership to generate a $6,000 back end profit.
  4. Improved Customer Experience: Customers experienced faster loan approval times and were more likely to receive offers tailored to their financial situation.
  5. Sustainable Profitability: Over time, the dealership's use of the Lender Selector Tool enabled them to consistently secure profitable deals, enhancing the overall financial health of the business.


By leveraging SelectFi's Lender Selector Tool, the auto dealership transformed its loan approval process from a time-consuming and uncertain endeavor to a quick, data-driven decision-making process. The tool's accuracy in matching customers with suitable lenders not only streamlined operations but also ensured sustainable profitability by maximizing back end profits. This case study demonstrates how innovative technology can reshape traditional business practices, resulting in increased efficiency, improved customer satisfaction, and higher profitability.

Can SelectFI Repeat These Results for Your Dealership?

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No big changes... we make it easy.

Using Lender Selector® doesn't mean you have to make big changes to your F&I software or process. It sits earlier in the process, where your sales team is working towards first pencil. In fact, our clients tell us that Lender Selector made their existing F&I process more efficient.

The results will be obvious.

Once our dealerships begin using the platform, the results become immediately apparent in the speed of closing deals. We'll help you monitor usership, results and the ultimate impact of Lender Selector with our performance reporting dashboards. Once you're onboard, we believe the results you achieve will be convincing.