Make F&I More Efficient

Speed up a complex process without changing your dealership's workflow

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SelectFI Lender Selector® was built by F&I... for F&I.

Built to solve the F&I efficiency issues we faced everyday, Lender Selector® simplifies the process of collecting customer information, associating it with vehicles, and producing accurate financing predictions from the dealership’s entire portfolio of lenders.

We accomplish this through a simple web-based application that doesn't need to be integrated with your DMS or Desking software. Payment estimates are quickly generated with no impact on customer credit, and are very accurate for each lender because Predictive Lending analysis is based on actual lender guidelines and historical decisions across our entire customer base.

Mobile phone showing data entry

Customer enters only basic information to start

Through an email or text, the customer enters only address, contact info and some basic income history. There is no impact to their credit score, reducing any resistance they might have to estimating payments.

Mobile phone showing vehicle selection

Sales Team selects the vehicle from stock

No need to externally book vehicles – our integrations produce the collateral values that any lender will need to quote, reducing the errors that can cost time and effort to correct. Plus, you don’t need to match the lender with the collateral source they prefer... we do it for you.

Mobile phone showing three credit results

We run all three credit bureau scores and OFAC

Your team doesn't need to know how to read a credit report – the results are summarized and shown at a glance. The results are visible to your sales team, sales managers and finance team so you can have a productive conversation with the customer.

Mobile phone showing financing estimates

We return the top five financing estimates for review

Our Predictive Lending algorithm will produce financing estimates for each of your dealership's lenders, including the local banks and credit unions you like to use. Your finance or sales team can select which deals to present to the customer based on margin advantage, backend guidelines, downpayment and rate for the customer.

Save time, make fewer mistakes, and keep the process within your existing workflow.

Each customer's financing approval process can now be handled in minutes. Your team has visibility on results and progress. You retain control over how finance or sales managers handle or approve quotes, and what the customer can see. No change to your current desking process is needed - Lender Selector® just simplifies the process of getting an interested customer into a deal in your current system.

You Choose What Deals to Show

Need to adjust a downpayment or the vehicle to work the deal for the customer? No problem - do it as many times as you need. Within 72 hours, no new credit pull is needed.

F&I Teams Love It

Once we demo SelectFI, your team will let out a sigh of relief. Their process is greatly simplified, easier to manage, and retains your approval hierarchy.