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Lender Selector® Has Three Great Options

Lender Selector's® unique integrations offer advantages over how your DMS helps customers understand financing. We give dealerships more visibility and control over the costs, workflow, and the compliance needed to reduce risk. Every layer of Lender Selector® is configurable and can easily be added as your business needs change.

LENDER SELECTOR® Core Plus Compliance*
Predictive Lending Quotes (all Lenders) check mark check mark check mark
Live Inventory Integration check mark check mark check mark
Automated Vehicle Value Integration check mark check mark check mark
Customized F&I Workflow check mark check mark check mark
DealerTrack DMS Integration check mark check mark check mark
Website Integration - Payment Estimates check mark check mark
CRM Integration check mark check mark
FTC Compliance Package check mark

* Compliance offering coming soon

Predictive Lending is at the Core, but We Have Even More to Offer

Predictive Lending Estimates (all Lenders)

We integrate Lender Selector®'s predictive lending engine with the lenders you are using today. It generates estimates for each customer with each of your lenders in seconds, giving you the best options for each customer. Get speed and accuracy with no customer pushback!

Live Inventory Integration

We integrate with your existing vehicle inventory management system to automatically VIN decode make, model, mileage, year and image. Your team can easily connect vehicle to customer in the our process with and get estimates with fewer errors.

Automated Vehicle Value Integration

We integrate with all the vehicle value sources that lenders currently use — JD Power, Kelly Blue Book, and more. For complete accuracy and to remove the guesswork for you, we find the loan-to-value (LTV) source that each lender requires and use it for every estimate produced.

Customized F&I Workflow

We adapt to your process, you don't have to adapt to ours. The member of your team who normally discusses financing with the customer - Sales, Sales Managers, General Managers or Finance Managers - is still in control. We simply improve communication and reduce errors that might be creating internal friction within the team.

DealerTrack DMS Integration

Once you have a deal, we make processing it easy for you with our DealerTrack integration. We push digital application information right into DealerTrack credit applications without any need to re-enter it. We make the experience easy for your customer and your team.

White Labeled Website Integration

You probably make a big investment in building your brand and driving customers to your website. Now you can leverage that traffic by helping customers build realistic expectations for their payment and the vehicle they can afford right on your website. Our website plug-in is branded for your dealership, and integrates easily with our process as an easy way to "Estimate Payments".

CRM Integration

How many customers are pre-qualifying payment on your website without you knowing anything about it? Lender Selector® can push leads into your CRM in the process, and configure alert settings so you're always aware of the hottest leads.

FTC Compliance Package

Our services help dealerships bolster their fair credit policies related to disparate lending for enhanced compliance. With our enhanced compliance package*, we'll be able to further develop dealership policies and automations to make compliance more efficient, less manual, ensure consistency, and provide required compliance reporting.